The Lemonade Diet Advice To Use- How to Detox Quickly

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The lemon detox diet, or the lemonade diet, is becoming more and more popular everyday, especially in Australia and the US. Many people have lost weight rapidly through this special detoxing regimen. I decided to create this site after the diet personally helped me lose over 47 lbs in just a couple months. This article is a basic guide on the diet, but if you really want the best information I recommend you check out the Refresh Button by Carol Greene. Her tips really sped up the process for me and allowed me to shed pounds fast.

Beyonce On The Lemon Detox

I found it really interesting that Beyonce actually is a big fan of the lemon diet, and supposively used it to lose a bunch of weight for one of her movie roles.


She lost a ton of weight using the cleanse while preparing for her 2006 movie role in Dreamgirls.

(The fact that we’re using the same diet plan as celebrities makes us cool! right? lol)

Here is my synopsis of the diet and some “big-picture” tips for people who want to use it:

The 3 Core Parts of The Lemon Detox

I know everyone wants to know exactly what they need to focus on- so that they KNOW they’re doing the detox properly.

The lemon cleanse is a simple diet, and you don’t need to overcomplicate things by looking for “the ultimate super secret tonic recipe that will change your life”.

As long as you do these 3 things, you’re doing it right and you WILL lose weight.

1. Consuming the right substances- and not artificial BS

While detoxing you want to always have a big pitcher of the lemon drink(shown below on this page) in your fridge. When you’re fasting and get a slight urge to eat- don’t- go drink your tonic. Using the ingredients I have listed below on this page really help your body detoxify itself. Cayenne pepper, fresh-squeeces lemon juice, and sea-salt all contain natural cleansing agents. Make your drinks as shown below and you have this step covered.

2. Fasting properly.

It is a common myth that people should be able to force themselves to fast and never eat anything for days and days on end if they want to lose weight. The problem with thinking this is that you are forgetting one simple thing: our bodies want, need, and crave food. If you are just starting out fasting and setting your sites on going for an entire week without eating, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Give yourself a break and start out small. After you have successfully fasted for 2 days at a time for a few times, then start increasing the lengths of your fasts. This is ultimately easier on you, takes less discipline, and sets you up for more success and weight loss in the long-run.

3. Eating properly (when you end each fast)

Eating properly on your “off” days (when you’re not fasting) is essential. If you eat some dessert, it’s not the end of the world, but just make sure you are not gorging yourself. If you stick to a normal meal plan when you are eating, you will definitely lose weight over time. And after you’ve been fasting, on the days you are eating, you’re not even that hungry (your stomach lining shrinks).

This is by far the best lemon drink recipe I have found.

The same one I drank every day during the four months (January-April of 2013) where I lost 51 lbs.


  • Pure Filtered Water
  • Grade B Organic Maple Syrup, Formaldehyde free
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • Organic Lemons
  • Sea salt – Unrefined, (Not iodized) or Epsom Salt

Optional Ingredients:

  • Laxative tea
  • Natural Herbal Tea (decaffeinated)

If you want to get a head start on this diet and save yourself a ton of grief trying to figure it out, check out the Refresh Button! Everybody that’s read it can’t stop raving about it.

-Brianne =)